The Night Yard, Wedding and Event Space near Canterbury, Kent

An intimate Covid-secure wedding - September 2020

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Covid 19 CEO Statement - Wednesday 30th September 2020


Gary Walters

CEO (HICO Events Limited)

The Night Yard was delighted to host some beautiful 30 person weddings just before the latest reduction in numbers struck. They were fantastic and incredibly joyful days despite the restrictions in place. The differences to ‘normal’ times were brilliantly managed by everyone involved, making the days even more personal and emotional.

This pandemic appears to have what is sometimes referred to as a “long tail” and it is looking highly unlikely we will enjoy a meaningful unlock before the New Year. It is impossible to plan ahead with any certainty, yet we need to keep planning.

At The Night Yard we are focused on being ever more flexible so we can accommodate even last-minute changes to numbers and guidelines. There will be challenges but the team remain committed to overcoming them through innovative thinking and working with our wonderful suppliers.

Inevitably the recent and ongoing challenges have caused me to reflect on our history…

The buildings were built in the Great Depression by the Whigham family, in part to provide local employment and food when times were tough. Despite the challenges and uncertain times, the family built beautiful spaces designed to reach the highest standards.

Having established a thriving farm that won awards for its efforts, the Company emerged from the depression only to face the different challenges thrown at it by the Second World War. It adapted to the post-war era and changed itself into a successful fruit growing operation.

More recently it has changed again. Part of this change was to create The Night Yard, a beautiful space designed to reach the highest standards, in keeping with the legacy of the farm.

The company is still owned by the Whigham family and in eight years’ time we are planning to hold an amazing Centenary Party in The Night Yard.

Meanwhile we continue to operate within the guidelines set by the Government, playing our part to keep you all as safe as possible.