Covid 19 Update CEO Statement – Thursday 29th April 2021

Gary Walters

CEO (HICO Events Limited)

I so trust that this will be my final Covid-19 update message; just writing “19” reminds me of the tediously long journey we have endured!

But that was then, let’s not dwell on the past but look forward.

The awesome team at The Night Yard cannot wait to make use of our new sound system, designed to let you play the music of your choice throughout your day around the whole venue (or not, if you prefer a quieter space).

Our other new addition is a heating system, I am sure you will not need it but it is there just in case the weather turns chilly …

Our great suppliers are also gearing up to get back to doing what they love and do best.

Meanwhile, please stay patient and comply with the Government’s restrictions to ensure we all get safely through this FINAL lockdown.