Covid 19 Update CEO Statement – Friday 22nd January 2021

Gary Walters

CEO (HICO Events Limited)

Happy New Year!

Not many people will wish to repeat 2020. Covid has affected every aspect of our lives but with the arrival of the vaccines and the efforts of all those involved in their roll-out, we can now look into 2021 with far more hope.

It is probable that Covid (or its variants) will be with us for many years to come, the pandemic appears to be the other side of the coin to the benefits of globalisation. I expect we will accept and acknowledge these ongoing risks in our everyday lives, along with the changes in our behaviours that we will adopt by personal choice or regulation.

We can draw a direct analogy with living with roads, even before cars, roads were dangerous places. Rules have been introduced to reduce risks, with levels of compliance raised by enforcement, campaigns and public opinion. Although we all know roads are dangerous, most of us use them every day, risk assessing as we go. By far the majority of people comply with the ‘rules of the road’ with good grace, keeping them and their loved ones safe.

The road analogy sets a template for what I predict will happen as we emerge from lockdown.

All wedding venues, including us, are working hard to get the Government to understand just how important weddings are to couples and their family and friends. We believe they can be some of the safest group events because every guest wants their guests to be safe, and we have witnessed that first hand. The Government have a lot to deal with but to ignore one of life’s major events is, in my view, simply wrong. Families, in all their shapes and sizes, form the bedrock of communities. Bringing families together helps cement the wider community links and bonds.

If you are due to get married, or one of your family or friends are due to get married, please visit or on twitter @WAWofficialUK to learn more, join the campaign and help everyone get some joy back into our lives, sooner rather than later.