Covid 19 CEO Statement – Friday 1st May 2020

Gary Walters

CEO (HICO Events Limited)

The Night Yard continues to share your frustrations at the uncertainties brought about by this pandemic. We are at least beginning to see some glimpses of light, which keeps us hopeful that this lockdown will change sufficiently to allow us to make some meaningful plans.

We are still working hard to hopefully alleviate some of your stress and are really grateful for the positive and uplifting feedback we are getting from existing and potential couples. So on behalf of the Team, thank you.

I wanted to share my thoughts on how one can best cope with the upheaval to your plans.  Fortunately for all, one of our hand picked photographers, Peter Reynolds, has put his thoughts and advice on his blog. It is definitely a must read,

I know we will get through this together and we continue to look forward to hosting the best weddings ever…!

Photography by Peter Reynolds